How to Join!

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Do you need a few hours a week just for yourself? –Mom’s morning out? Are you bored to death or stressed to the limit? –Need a change of pace? Are you a singer/ performer who has been looking for a place to shine? How about doing something for yourself–that is healthy–reduces stress–brings joy to your life–is fun and exciting and expands your horizons?

Come out and sing with us!

Meet a warm and caring group of women from all walks and all stages of life that love the joy of creating harmony together. Women with ordinary and extraordinary voices learn the art and technique of singing 4 part a cappella harmonies that will ring chords and create goosebumps!

Sweet Adelines is more than a group of singing women. It is a few hours a week of freedom, a slice of life that is yours alone, a place to let loose with the ladies, build true friendships, sing your heart out and a place to find enough motivation, inspiration, encouragement and happiness to fill you up for the week.

Come and see for yourself—-Check us out!

Regular weekly rehearsals are Saturday morning from 9:30AM to 12:00PM at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 320 South Pearl Street, Canandaigua. Join us anytime!