Are you looking for new members and if so, how do I join?

We are always looking for singers who would like to join our chorus. The first step is to contact our membership coordinator at or call 585-364-9686 and visit a rehearsal. We hope that you will be hooked by our music and feel like you can’t wait to join! After about three visits, our membership chair will spend time with you discussing all the details about how our chorus operates both musically and administratively and the procedure to join.

Where do you rehearse and how often?

We rehearse year round, every Saturday morning at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 320 South Pearl St., Canandaigua from 9:30AM to 12:00PM. We sometimes have special sessions such as a chorus coaching session with a visiting highly qualified coach once a year where we spend a full day learning to bring our performance to a higher level.

Do I need to have past experience singing in a choir or other group?

No. If you have never had the experience of singing in a group, you will be thrilled with adding your voice to four part a cappella harmony. Feeling the thrill of ringing chords and blending voices is what keeps us coming week after week!

Do I need to be able to read music?

No. It is an asset but not a requirement. Our talented director buys four part learning CDs which we provide along with sheet music for us all to learn our music. She also has been teaching the basics of music sight reading to assist those who do not read music.

Do I need to pass an audition in order to join?

Yes, but not right away. You will meet informally with our director in the first two weeks of your visits to determine your comfortable singing range and select a voice part. That night you will receive a learning CD and sheet music for your audition song. In a few weeks, when you have learned your song, you will have opportunities to practice in a quartet situation with someone singing with you to lend support as necessary. When you are ready to audition, you will sing in the quartet with our director listening in. The audition sounds scary but it is conducted in an informal setting and perfection is not expected.

How much commitment in terms of time and money is involved in joining Seneca Soundwaves Chorus?

We strongly encourage our members to attend every rehearsal. We also recognize that people lead busy lives that may cause them to miss the occasional rehearsal – this is when you call a friend and catch up on what you missed. We expect members to learn their music outside of rehearsal so that time can be spent on interpretation and performance in the rehearsal hall.

We have a chorus coaching session once a year and we take part in our Regional Competition in Albany every year in April. Picture yourself with 700 women singing these wonderful harmonies, listening to choruses small and large (100 +), laughing, and shopping!!! In between there is a Fall Music Seminar that members are encouraged to attend for even more fun and music education from Sweet Adelines International and regional faculty.

Costs: Every organization has costs to provide the services to its members. We are no exception. We also pay dues to Sweet Adelines International and our Region for the educational faculty that they provide among other benefits. Our total dues amount to $30 per month, a bargain compared to bowling or gym fees. And our benefits go beyond singing to healthy lungs, stress relief, fellowship and fun! A real bargain, we all agree! Registration and housing at Music Seminars and competition are of course, each person’s responsibility. We try to minimize these by rooming and traveling together.